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norma sauce – 180g

norma sauce is a typical sauce in the Sicilian culinary tradition. Typically and traditionally prepared with tomato sauce, aubergines, garlic and basil and typically used to prepare a dish that is never missing on Sicilian tables: pasta alla norma.

a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation, and which is now finally available in our shop. Discover the overwhelming taste of our sauce packed in a 180g jar.

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norma sauce is a condiment that absolutely reflects the Sicilian tradition. It is used to prepare exquisite recipes, but also for simple dishes such as our beloved pasta alla norma. A mix of Mediterranean flavours with unparalleled deliciousness, it was born in the city of Catania around the early 1900s. A few simple ingredients combined together create an explosion of flavours.

norma sauce in brief

Ingredients: Tomato pulp (71.13%), fried aubergines (19%), extra virgin olive oil (7.2%), sugar (0.77%), whole sea salt (0.7%), garlic (0.6%), basil (0.6%).

Origin of ingredients: Italy.

Net weight:280g

Valori nutrizionali medi 100 g
Valore energetico (KJ) 429
Valore energetico (Kcal) 104
Grassi (g) 8,4
di cui acidi grassi saturi (g) 0,7
Carboidrati (g) 5,3
di cui zuccheri (g) 4,1
Proteine (g) 1


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