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Extra Strawberry and Sicilian Blackberry Jam – 360g

Extra Strawberry and Sicilian Blackberry Jam is a delicacy created exclusively with Sicilian fruit, with a fresh, sweet flavor. It is particularly suitable for making desserts, but can also be enjoyed in combination with cheeses.

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Brand: Agrisicilia

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Extra Strawberry and Sicilian Blackberry Jam combines the goodness of local strawberries with the sweetness of blackberries. A combination of different flavors and aromas that results in a product with a dark red color and a typically Sicilian taste.

The product, typically summer and ideal for breakfast, contains only local fruit to enhance the unique triumph of flavors offered by Sicily. This jam is especially good with cheese boards and is ideal for making desserts.

Extra Strawberry and Sicilian Blackberry Jam in Brief

Ingredients: Strawberries (33%), blackberries (33%), sugar; Thickener: carob seed flour; Acidifier: citric acid.

Fruit used in the product: 90g per 100g.

Net weight: 360 g.

Taste: Sweet, intense, fresh.

Storage: Store the product at room temperature to preserve the taste. After opening, keep the preserve at temperatures within 4 degrees and consume within 14 days.

Suggestions for use: Ideal for making desserts to be enjoyed both at breakfast and snack time. Product also excellent in combination with cheeses.

Valori nutrizionali medi 100 g
Valore energetico (KJ) 922
Valore energetico (Kcal) 218
Grassi (g) 0
di cui acidi grassi saturi (g) 0
Carboidrati (g) 52
di cui zuccheri (g) 51
Proteine (g) 0,9


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