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Etna Coscia Pear Extra Jam – 360g

Etna Pear Coscia Extra Jam is a sweet Sicilian product with a slightly rough flavor typical of ripe pears. It makes the flavor of cheeses special, but it is also particularly suitable for making desserts (especially tarts).

WARNINGS: We always encourage you to check all the information on the product before consuming or using it. Lot and minimum shelf life information, will be provided at the time of purchase.

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Etna Coscia Pear Extra Jam pear jam, available in a convenient 360-gram jar on the AgriSicilia website, is a product with a sweet, slightly rough taste typical of ripe pears.

The Etna Coscia Pear is a summer variety of pear that is distinguished by its slightly elongated shape, sweet taste and delicious fragrance. It is a refreshing, juicy fruit with remarkable diuretic properties.

Etna Coscia Pear Extra Jam in Brief

Ingredients: Thigh pear, sugar; Gelling agent: fruit pectin; Acidifier: citric acid.

Fruit used in the product: 80g per 100g.

Net weight: 360 g.

Taste: Sweet and slightly “rough,” like that typical of a ripe pear.

Storage: It is recommended that the pear jam be stored at room temperature. After opening, keep the product at temperatures within 4 degrees and consume within 14 days.

Suggestions for use: The product proves particularly suitable for the preparation of desserts with a delicate flavor, especially tarts. It also goes well with cheeses.


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